Writing the Natural World

Look at the natural world with new eyes

As a prize-winning, published author, I offer workshops in creative writing about the natural world – both prose and poetry.

In this workshop you will read examples of excellent writing about the natural world from the past and present and learn to look around you with new eyes.

You will learn how to stimulate your own creativity and write pieces that will inspire and excite your own readers.

Whether you have lots of writing experience or none, this workshop is designed to get you thinking – but also to have fun. You will come away inspired!

You can also take this workshop as a 4-week course in the comfort of your own home.

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For more information, please email info@lynnparr.co.uk.

All workshops are for adults. A full day (10 am – 4pm) costs £250 per group; a half-day costs £125. Materials are provided.

Coming soon!

Welsh Walking Workshops

Experience the wonderful coastal landscape of rugged West Wales as you walk and write.

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