Captivating stories. Intriguing facts. Lyrical prose. A collection of writings to inspire you.

Some of the author’s most evocative writing on nature and place.

From observations on the incredible partnership that is lichen to the amazing ecosystem of the Cornish hedge; the folklore of seals to the story of the American Bison.

Travel with the author deep into the daily life of a water bug; walk in the silence of a bombed city; or become a child worker in the arsenic factories of Devon’s Klondyke.

These essays range far and wide through history, nature and place, and will leave you thinking and looking at the world with a different eye.

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Still Waters – The value of quiet, even in a bombed city.

Outside Our Time – The incredible alien in our midst.

Healing the Land – Nature healing the wounds of a mining valley.

Song of the Seal – Folklore and skills of the amazing seal.

Prairie Dreaming – The teeming life of the American prairie, and the story of a species almost driven to extinction.

... and much more!