Would you like to write more creatively but don't know how? Perhaps you are wary of sounding corny or pretentious. Or you want to avoid sounding too dry while still conveying your message clearly.

It is possible to use lyrical prose without sounding melodramatic. It's just a matter of knowing where to stop. Today's nature and environmental writing isn't about purple prose and navel-gazing. The best writers use plain language and clear ideas.

In this course, divided into four lessons costing only £50 each, you will read examples of excellent writing about the natural world from the past and present and improve your own style. You will complete exercises designed to stimulate your own creativity and learn how to write pieces that will inspire and excite your readers.

Best of all, you can work at your own pace, in a place of your choosing, without the pressure of deadlines and the embarrassment of having to share your work with other students before you feel it is ready. You will receive detailed and personal feedback on your work designed to help you progress, rather than criticise your failings.

At the end of the course, you should have the confidence and skills to take your writing to a new level of professionalism. The skills taught in this course can be applied to writing novels, poetry and non-fiction.

The course can be tailored to younger writers.

For a summary of the course and to book your place, email info@lynnparr.co.uk. Or pay online securely using Paypal by clicking on the button below. You don't have to have a Paypal account.

Upon receipt of payment you will be sent the first lesson as a pdf [or, if you prefer, as printed hard copy]. You can then follow the exercises at your own pace until you feel you are ready for the next step.

Go on: follow your dream!


Learn how to express your love of the natural world at your own pace with personal creative writing tuition

Comments from students:

“I am really enjoying stretching myself and finding out what I can do”

“I am much more confident about my writing now, thanks to your help”

“This course has really helped me focus my writing on what I want to achieve”