A Home on the Wyoming Range



"Everything from log cabins to sod houses, wagon trains to the Pony Express, Buffalo Bill to Butch Cassidy... I had no idea that it all happened in Wyoming."

"...another beautiful piece of lyric writing."

"It really entices you to visit the West!"

"Lynn Parr's comic ability is masterful. Apt, perfectly crafted descriptions continually sneak up on you so that you find yourself laughing out loud at inappropriate moments."

"I just picked it up to read a bit, then I couldn't put it down."

"What shines through is your love of the landscape and the animals."

“Lynn’s writing is so engaging. I can’t wait for the next book!”

DO YOU KNOW... a porcupine makes love?

...what Butch Cassidy did in Wyoming before and after working with the Sundance Kid?

...why the Bald Eagle became the symbol of the USA instead of the Wild Turkey?

...what Sacagawea did after the Lewis & Clark expedition? and why traditional cowboy clothes were developed?

...what Calamity Jane was doing in Cheyenne?

...which outlaw's skin was made into a pair of shoes?

Find all this and more in

Being the wife of a Wyoming cowboy had sounded so exciting. Living in a little log cabin, eating succulent venison steaks. Riding the range to the soundtrack of a John Ford movie...

But no one had mentioned wind-blasted, manure-spattered days beginning at 5 am, or that the venison was likely to taste of 'manky old sagebrush soaked in rabbit pee'.

Or living in a dilapidated trailer house infested with creepy crawlies and smelly, adolescent cowboys because your first marital home was also the bunkhouse for the single men...

Lynn Parr spent 10 years living and working on cattle ranches in the Cowboy State, and discovered that rural life has largely remained unchanged since the 19th century.

Season by season, Cowgirl documents life o
n a working cattle ranch, its tasks bound up with the dramatic landscape, the unforgiving elements and the abundant wildlife.

And Cowgirl is also a history of the state where everything you ever heard about the Wild West took place.

And while life on the ranch has changed little since the Wild West days portrayed in the movies, the colourful characters of rural Wyoming are acting out their own drama, from adultery to murder...


Paperback, 290 pages, black & white images

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“...everything you ever heard about the Wild West happened in Wyoming!”


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