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Amazing tales from the edge of extinction

A fascinating collection of inspiring tales about people who have saved rare breeds of horse from the brink of extinction.

From Nazi Germany to the mountains of Wales, India to the American plains, discover how familiar breeds were brought back from the brink – even recreated from extinction!

Rescued native breeds including:

The Caspian

The Kerry Bog Pony


The Friesian


Amazing tales of wild horses including:

The Tarpan

The Takhi

The Carneddau Pony


American MustangAustralian BrumbyMarwari HorseSorraiaEriskay PonySpanish ColonialFrom Dawn Horse to Desert Orchid Handmade Horses Consequences of Selective Breeding contacts for breed societies and further information interviews with experts • cloning • inherited conditions • What is a breed? • Mankind’s best friend • Breeds on the brink

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Paperback, 162 pages,

black and white images

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